Researchers Diary


Hello – My name is Santini and I am one of the designer/researchers currently working with Nomad on-site this week. Our goal is to speak to students, staff and visitors about your vision and ideas for The Green Heart Project. 

We arrived on campus late on Monday evening after a long car journey South from Glasgow.  Upon arrival we were keen to stretch our legs and started to explore the campus in the warm evening air.  Despite it being just before 10A.M. we were impressed with the numbers of students still rushing about around the main library getting ready to settle down for what must have been a long night of revision ahead of their approaching exams.

It was really lovely to hear Old Joe chiming out on the hour as we walked through the central squares, enjoying the various archways, tunnels and bridges that lead round the historic red brick buildings.

Yesterday was our first day on-site and despite it being a very busy time for everyone, we received a fantastic response from students and staff. We managed to interview to a total of 38 people and the information we were able to gather was really interesting and detailed. So far there has been real excitement for the scope of the Green Heart space and the vast majority of people we talked to were eager to share their ideas and thoughts on how the space could look and the range of activities that could be supported within it.

We were also able to carry out a further 51 mapping exercises. These will offer a valuable insight on the ways in which the existing campus is used and how staff, students and visitors experience the existing buildings and outdoor spaces.

We head back up to Scotland late Thursday afternoon, so if you have not had a chance to come and have a chat with Sara, Nathan and I, please do.  This afternoon we will be at The Hub, Shackleton and The Vale whilst on Thursday you can find us at Staff House until midday and at University Square, weather permitting, thereafter. There might even be some sweets left, but at this rate we can’t promise anything!


1 thought on “Researchers Diary

  1. My name is Nick Grayson, I have met with Santini this morning; I am based both at the University and the City of Birmingham, where I am responsible for Green Infrastructure, Natural Capital, Climate Change and Sustainable cities. So I would be very keen to keep engaged with your project. As stated this morning, across campus there is wonderful research that could plug straight into your project. Externally the Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust have a real desire to collaborate with the University and neighbouring Hospital- on the management / design of their estates. Their Chief Executive is very keen to meet/ talk; Georgia Stokes;; . Thank you for the opportunity.


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