Thank you to everyone who took part in the interviews and mapping exercises this week on campus.

Despite the initial wet weather and it being in the middle of exam time, we had an unbelievable response and managed to conduct: 100 Soft interviews, complete 20 cognitive drawings, create 23 concept plans and observe 51 behavioral maps.

That’s a total of 194 students & staff over just three days!Site montageOver the next few weeks we will continue to load up stories, there will also be some polls for you to take part in, so please keep visiting the blog and keeping an eye on the ‘uobgreenheart’ twitter account.

We would love to hear what you think – This is a fantastic opportunity to generate the types of external spaces on campus that you would like to form The Green Heart Project.


1 thought on “THANKS!

  1. Some vibrant autumn colours so the Green Heart looks stunning during the first term of the campus year welcoming everyone for the new academic year. More blossom in the spring on the campus – always lifts the spirits as you walk in from Grange Road entrance seeing the blossom along the sports pitches and walking up through them by Terrace Huts so it would be nice to continue this trail as you walk up through the campus on a cold spring morning.


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