Pop-up Workshop – Concept testing.

We are excited to confirm that we will be on campus this Wednesday at a pop-up stall to reveal the emerging design for the new Green Heart space!

Last time we were on campus, we interviewed 134 of you.  We also mapped and observed the existing campus to find out how you use it, where the best and worst places are and gain insights into what you might want and need.  This time, we will be gathering feedback on the initial designs, and we will be joined by staff from Chris Churchman Landscape Architects to help answer your questions.

You can find us in University Square (Farmers Market site) between 10am – 4.30pm . You can’t miss us as we will be located in our inflatable igloo and dressed in our Green Heart T-Shirts.  Please do come along if you get the chance.  It is a unique opportunity to get an insight into the design process and speak with the designers.

Your feedback will be added to our initial research which will form the basis of a report that will be used to help develop the design to the next stage

See you on Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Pop-up Workshop – Concept testing.

  1. I seem to see the semi-circle concrete surface outside the current North Gate has been proposed to have lawn put onto. If this is the proposal, it would increase the traffic on Pritchatts Road, especially when coaches/taxises are coming to campus for an open day or event. Personally I’d like to keep that area as it is, i.e. allowing extra traffic passing or temporary parking.


  2. I agree. Drop-off/Pick-up points at the University perimeter keep the roads free for circulation and help make the University more accessible to people who arrive by a car or coach when that vehicle is not staying for long.


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