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Hello to everyone we met last term and an even bigger hello to the new first year. We hope you all had a smashing summer. The good news is that we will be continuing to consult with you and keep you up to date with the latest progress of the Green Heart Project right up until Christmas.

We began the Creative Consultation project back in the Spring of this year with a pop-up stall where we gathered over 100 Soft interviews, completed 20 cognitive maps created 23 concept plans and observed 51 behavioural maps.  Following this, in June we posted a series of 13 poll questions and were delighted when 199 of you cast 3,801 votes!

Our initial report was submitted to the University in August, and now we want to build on this by sharing the results and continuing to carry out consultation events.  Over the next couple of months, we plan to upload all of the results of our discussions with you, and we also plan on popping back to site with another pop-up stall/outdoor workshop.

Please keep an eye on the blog for news and updates of events and take part if you can.  We are looking forward to hearing even more interesting ideas.


Nomad Team.

3 thoughts on “What now…

  1. I appreciate that this is late in the day but wondered why a fountain or some kind of classic water feature had not been considered for the middle of the green heart (I’ve no idea what those 2 boxes are but I don’t think they are fountains??). For some quiet contemplation nothing beats the sound of falling or running water and it would be a wonderful addition to the already picturesque campus. The design could incorporate the red brick and shape of the original buildings in something good more modern to tie in old and new. Or given how amazingly well the Bramall Concert hall blends in to the original buildings then maybe even recreate something in an early 20th century style. If you are going for the grand sweeping park look then go all the way!


  2. I think Louise’s thoughts for a fountain in a modern (yes, see the Bramhall building as a treatment template) ‘early 20th century style’ are very good. The current paths that cross the Square make for an unsymmetrical, slightly chaotic pattern. The new Square layout should overcome this, which is where a suitable (thinking somewhat ‘Italianate’ like Old Joe) fountain feature could greatly help to provide a focus, ideally on the central spine view line between Old Joe and the Pritchatts Road gate. Thank you.


  3. The proposal (I have made elsewhere) for treating as much as possible of the top half of the Green Heart site as a ‘Landscape Map of the ‘British Isles’, or of GB, offers great flexibility for imaginative siting of gathering places. For example, people could agree to meet ‘at Leeds-Bradford’, or Liverpool-Manchester (seats could be named after the ‘city)’. In fine weather, university deck chairs could be provided for use in allocated areas, by the ‘coast’ or in mown grassed areas of ‘the countryside’. Similarly, directors’ chairs might be appropriate in a ‘London’ covered and open area. Regional topography could be reflected in, for example, a small ‘hilly area’ simulating the Lickey Hills just to the south west of Birmingham. making such connection with the local area would be appreciated. Also, a small simulated Sutton Park? Ironbridge’s World Heritage site may also merit a sculptured feature, with some ‘wrought-iron’ seating. Historians should appreciate this. Thinking of the world, and of foreign students and staff, perhaps in the London/Thames (?) area of the ‘Landscape Map’, the Greenwich international Date Line could be acknowledged in hard landscaping. It is such a powerful, and photogenic place itself. Good luck.


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