Spaces & Places

Over the next few weeks, we will be slowing loading up the results of our consultations with you to date beginning with this first post which is about Spaces & Places.

Results from our consultations with you to date confirmed that the outdoor spaces on campus are frequently used and enjoyed by students, staff members and the local community. University Square and Chancellors Court were the places highlighted as most popular and interestingly despite these spaces being in proximity to each other distinctive groups use them in slightly different ways.

University Square is viewed as a ‘busy, vibrant social hub’ which could also function in future as an outdoor dining area, with “affordable” market stalls, and more “outside eating areas for students.”

Chancellor’s Court is viewed as a more sophisticated space with a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, and people felt it should maintain a classic and grand character while also having a colourful and playful identity.

There is currently a natural delineation of space and activity on campus, which works well and should be retained if possible. University Square should be busier and more social, whereas Chancellors Court should have a quieter and more reflective atmosphere. Facilities such as tables and chairs, well-lit shelters, outdoor patio heaters, marquees, gazebos, and outdoor places to eat were all suggested to assist with the functions of these spaces. North of University Square people hope for a place which is more relaxing and contemplative, with the space just West of the North Car Park highlighted as an ideal spot for a secluded nature area with ponds and vegetable patches.



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