Events & Activities

In the first phase of our consultation with you, a vast array of events and activities were suggested for the Green Heart Project. In the Polls Social spaces, which allow people to meet and gather, were seen as they best way to foster a sense of community. While places to eat, have meetings and work individually or in groups were highlighted in interviews as ways of improving the student experience. The current market stalls are liked, but people want more diversity, including street food stalls, trucks and cafes, which could be run by local cafes and restaurants.

As well as eating and socialising, students and staff were keen for places which enable them to work and study outdoors. To support this many proposed ideas such as heated shelters and gazebos, or areas similar to beer gardens, with parasols and patio heaters.

Outdoor cinema, concerts and theatrical events were all very popular with inhabitants of the University and the local community alike who also suggested that exhibitions and walking tours would be an attractive addition. Spaces, which allow people to engage in a range of exercise and sporting activities, would be appreciated. Fun and informal team events, such as tug of war, volleyball or basketball were all recommended as were stress-relieving activities such as Yoga or Tai Chi.

Despite this, there is still a strong desire for the Green Heart to be a quiet, peaceful and contemplative space. The challenge is therefore for the design team and University to make sure that these activities and events do not infringe upon one another.


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