Information & Technology

Overall people told us that they would like the Green Heart space to be largely free from technology and remain a natural green space. However, some considered wifi and charging facilities to be an essential addition and many of these participants suggested using solar energy to power charging points. Technology to support heating and improved lighting was also a popular choice to provide for outdoor work/study spaces, as was technology that would support outdoor events such as concerts and cinema events while scene-setting lighting was proposed by a number of people as a good way to highlight and enhance the architecture on campus. There was also an appetite for greater access to information from within the Green Heart.  Information about the Universities history, achievements, cultural and architectural history was popular, but most often people wanted information about campus news and upcoming event alongside improved wayfinding and navigation systems. The desire for information of all kinds, practical and cultural, suggests that there is opportunity for a new information system, and this could be a unique design project which would challenge the designers to creatively about how to combine innovative information technologies with more traditional communication and navigation designs to develop an exciting, unified and comprehensive system.





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