The Green Heart team at the University Annual Meeting

As you may have spotted on our Twitter feed, the UoB Green Heart team were at the University Annual Meeting (UAM) last week. On Thursday 9 March, we set up our stall to tell our internal and external guests from across academia, business, finance, charity, health and many more sectors, all about our stunning new parkland.

Armed with our Green Heart booklets and animation (to be publicly released soon!), we talked about the benefits the parkland will bring to both the University community, and our local community. The parkland will bring over 12 acres of natural space to one of the most urban cities in the country and give everyone the opportunity to get involved.

‘… everyone seems to think that you can only improve an area if you build more…it is great to see an organisation not building something and instead investing in green space’ – UAM guest

The way in which the University contributes to the local community was the highlight of the UAM, as the Vice-Chancellor launched the University’s Economic, Social and Cultural Impact report. Did you know that almost 1 in 50 jobs in Birmingham depend on the University, or that our teaching contributes £1.34 billion to the economy? You can find out more here.

annual meeting 36

As you can see, posing is not our forte.

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