How you helped to pave the way?

In December 2016 and January 2017, our Green Heart student ambassadors braved the elements in University Square to take your votes in the Paving Poll. With voting also online, the Poll closed on 27 January with over 1,500 votes from University staff and students, and the local community. Thank you to everyone who voted. Your top picks were Pumpkin Patch, Squirrel Stash, Frosty Branch, Tree Carving and Birds Nest.

The Poll was a valuable tool in shaping the Green Heart and we will be incorporating three of your top five pavings.

For the criss-cross paths within University Square the Green Heart project team have selected Birds Nest.  We also agree that it would be best to use a red slab, particularly on the central path to Old Joe as this is historically appropriate. Both red pavings, Pumpkin Patch and Tree Carving, scored highly in the Poll, but we will only use one. Finally, we have favoured granites over concrete pavings, and this was evident in your feedback with granites taking prominence in your top choices.

The final selection of paving was based on a complex series of choices which the Poll fed into. Throughout this process we have consulted experts, interest groups and landscapers regarding considerations including aesthetics, colour, appropriateness to the historic environment, life expectancy, cost and accessibility for users.

We will share these recommendations with the contractors and look forward to seeing your favourite materials transform the Green Heart over the next year.

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