Are you ready for landscaping?

As you may have noticed, the first steps towards creating the Green Heart are fully underway in University Square. The former library is quickly coming down and on track to be completed in October. This is the first the major stage of phase one of development from August 2017 – January 2018.

But, are you prepared and clued up on the next stage of landscaping?

In early August, the section of University Square closest to the Arts Building and the former library will be cordoned off by mesh hoardings until January 2018. Accessibility around this site will be maintained throughout the works with the installation of temporary ramps and new pathways. This will ensure that everyone can navigate the new routes easily and safely.

To help you navigate the changes, look out for directional signage in University Square, the Arts Building and Muirhead Tower. Make sure you follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and, check out our new landscaping webpage for weekly building reports.

Green Heart landscaping Aug 17 - Jan 18

Phase 1 of landscaping

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